Why You Should Consider Time Sensitive Services For Shipping High Value Goods


Earlier expediting the transportation of your sensitive or high-value shipment used to mean a luxury as you had to pay a hefty amount for this service. But slowly all this is changing for good; many companies provide express shipping in Canada and elsewhere. These companies are utilizing transportation for planned as well as unplanned shipments. www.ajot.com states that companies are using technology to develop smart strategies to eliminate chances of theft or damage during transportation. Using services that are time sensitive and expedite your shipment will reach safely and on time. Apart from this, there is a guarantee during shipment. Below are a few reasons to use time-sensitive services and expedited shipping.
Additional liability: After disclosing what you are shipping and what is the value of the shipment to the company who is sending the product or the 3PL, you may have to buy additional liability. Though you may not like to disclose the product you are shipping, it is essential to reveal it, as it gives protection against theft or damage. The 3PL based on the product you have sent for shipping will put the required protection liability. All this activity happens before the pickup.
Less transit time: If the shipment is of high value, you will want it to be delivered as quickly as possible. The longer it stays on road, air or sea the more likelihood of damage or theft. You can utilize the services of guaranteed time-sensitive services they offer so that the shipment reaches quickly and safely. Another advantage of less transit time is that your package will spend a short time in terminals. When there are no multiple hops for your package, the chances of damage are less as there is no need to transfer between terminals.
Schedule pick and drop time: Shipping company you have chosen will provide service upgrade when your utilize time-sensitive services. As part of this service, they give you a choice to choose the time it can be picked and dropped. You can choose between early morning or end of day delivery. Since you have opted for time-sensitive services, everybody will be aware of the criticality of timely delivery hence you can be stress-free.
Tracking: You can get constant notifications of where your shipment is in currently. By opting for this notification, you can keep track of your high-value shipment. There are many options in notifications services too. You can specify the type of service you want and based on that you can get hourly updates or when the shipment arrives.
Look for a suitable carrier: Before choosing an excellent service, do a thorough research of all the carriers that provide time-sensitive services. Choose the one who is not only cost-effective but also reliable. The carrier should understand the criticality of the freight and give the required attention. They also provide performance reports which help in evaluating the carrier. Below are a few pointers based on which you can make a choice: The transit time that is taken for shipment. Actual pickup and drop time vs the delivered time. Claims made out from the liability.

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