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By Anita Sachdev » Achieving success in your life and career is easy… if you know how to piece together your own personal Lego.

Let me explain.

In her book The Definitive Drucker, based on interviews with modern management’s founding father Peter Drucker, Elizabeth Haas Edersheim wrote of how business had changed in recent years.

“In the 21st century, businesses exist in a Lego world,” she wrote. “Companies are built out of Legos: People Legos, Product Legos, Idea Legos, and Real Estate Legos. The industrial world has given way to an information and knowledge driven world; you will see that Indiana and India are not interchangeable.”

There are no signs that the pace of innovation will slow down. So the only thing we can be sure of is the continuing acceleration of change in the way we do business. To succeed in this fast-paced environment, we must ourselves undergo a transformation – an inner social revolution.

Much like businesses, we have to look at ourselves as a pile of Lego blocks that we need to put together – use all the pieces well, and the result can be spectacular. We can craft our Success Lego to match our own personal definition of success.

The Lego blocks we are talking about here are of course not physical elements, but something less tangible: Belief Legos, Habit Legos, Strength/Weakness Legos, Attitude Legos, Habit Legos, Motivator Legos, Value Legos, Perceived success/failure Legos and Relationship Legos.

Which leads to the next question: How does your Success Lego fit into your Life Lego? Most of us create our unique Success and Life Legos either consciously or unconsciously, and therefore success means different things to different people. For some, it comes with a corporate chair, for others, it arrives with the right person. Some may say it is the ability to enjoy the success of your spouse or kids. For many, it is going through a day without giving in to depression.

Too many people go through life without reaching success, not because there’s something wrong with us but because we’ve failed to define what success even means to us.

Instead, we go through our days on auto-pilot, doing the things that we’ve learned we’re supposed to do, and wondering why none of it feels quite right. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering whether you’re going to have to keep doing the things you do today for the rest of your life, it’s time to sit down and figure out what you’d rather be doing and how to start doing them.

It’s time to dismantle, take apart your current Lego combinations to determine your attitude, values and motivators to rebuild your New Success-Attitude – the control centre of your life. As Amy Tan wisely stated, “If you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.”

The Success-Attitude Lego has various components and layers to remind you Success is not something “out there” but an inside job. It integrates the 5 A’s of Success: Attitude, Affability, Availability, Ability and Awareness.

Let me show you, in three simple steps, how you can create your own personalized “Success-Attitude Lego”. Let’s first begin with a definition:

1. Individual Definition (The “I”)

Motivators are a collection of attitudes and beliefs. Our motivators drive us, supply incentive, and provide the cause behind our values, attitudes, thoughts and behaviours.

Attitude is defined as “a way of looking at life; a way of thinking, feeling or behaving.”

Values are defined as more “what do we value more” rather than what they are. Values do not in and of themselves determine what is good or what is bad but provide a standard for individuals to decide what is better or best for him or her.

2. Collective Power (The “We”)

Attitudes, Values and Motivators (inner leadership) = Your Balanced Control Centre to manage the ever changing Legos of life. Together, they provide insight why we do what we do. They can be called our philosophy or life strategy to:

  • Provide a compass to guide us during the numerous life transitions
  • Provide us with leadership, to manage our inner and outer world effortlessly.
  • Provide us with the ability to make effective choices and decisions
3. Integration (The “All”)

Success-Attitude begins by understanding the “I” (the self), then learns to work effectively with the “We” to finally transcend and align with the ever changing “All” (World) to help you live life in a conscious and controlled way to:

  • Create a positive outlook in life grounded in sound common sense.
  • Be creative and innovative - vital in a knowledge based economy
  • Manage the transient forces in all aspects of life effortlessly.
While we strive for our very own Success Lego in the external world, internally we are all seeking dynamic peace. As American mythologist Joseph Campbell once said: “Follow your bliss, all else will follow.”

• Anita Sachdev is a workshop facilitator, life coach, writer and keynote speaker. Her company, I’ve Made It, offers programs created from the stance that each of us is already an achiever, but may not always know it. Her approach revisits past successes and teaches how to use those techniques to “make it again”. For more info, call 905.565.5958 or visit

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