Beyond limitations

This video, titled Courage to Dance Beyond Limiitations, is from a Chinese stage production. Featuring two dancers, each missing a limb, it is an unbelievably inspiring and touching performance. It really make one believe that if we put our minds to it, no handicap can be impossible to overcome. (Click on image to view video)

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ConfidenceBound is a bi-monthly magazine that motivates, educates and entertains the reader while promoting leadership, self-confidence and the passion to simply be the best they can be.

Target Audience:

ConfidenceBound is targeted at teens, parents and professionally oriented individuals with ambition and drive to improve themselves, personally and professionally.

Circulation & Distribution:

ConfidenceBound has multiple distribution channels::

  • 25,000 copies per issue to select households in the Greater Toronto Area
  • 1,500 copies to selected schools, libraries and community centers in Ontario's Peel Region
  • 2,000 copies per month paid subscriptions via our Channel Partnership Program
  • 1,000 copies at selected newsstands in Ontario

As per our sample poll, we have an estimated readership of 3.5 readers per copy, making for a total reach of about 100,000 people.

Advertisers and partners that would benefit:
  • Private schools and learning institutes
  • Self improvement/Fitness programs
  • Sporting programs/organizations
  • Workshops, seminars and career events
  • Educational programs
  • Service oriented businesses who believe in the power of communication
  • Local businesses who are passionate about being the 'best' they can be



Advertisement Size
2 Page Spread (16.75" x 11")* $4,500
Full Page (8.375" x 11")* $2,500
Half Page - Horiz (7.875" x 5")* $1,500
1/3 Page - Horiz (5" x 4.5")* $1,000
1/3 Page - Vert (2.5" x 9.25")* $1,000
Inside Front Cover, Inside Back Cover (8.375" x 11")* $3,000

*All sizes above are to trim. Please add 0.125" to each side of graphics with bleed. Full Page ad type safety: 7.875" x 10.5".
**Cost does not include GST


Advertisers are required to supply camera-ready digital files that have been prepared to meet the following specifications:

1. High-resolution PDFs (Mac or PC)

NOTE: This is the preferred format for submission of ads.

Please ensure the following requirements have been fulfilled:

  • PDFs should be ideally be created in a page layout program like InDesign or QuarkXPress, or in a vector program like Illustrator. (Photoshop not recommended).
  • PDF output must be set for HI RESOLUTION PRINT QUALITY. We cannot correct or guarantee the quality of a low resolution PDF file.
  • All images must be CMYK or Grayscale - No RGB or Spot colours. RGB & Spot colours will print black and white.
  • All images and fonts must be embedded within the PDF.
  • All raster images (Photoshop files) must have an effective resolution of at least 300dpi and should not have Transfer Functions or Halftone Screens.
  • Files must be supplied at actual (100%) size.

2. Illustrator/Freehand Files (Mac or PC)

  • All fonts must be converted to outlines.
  • Images must be embedded in document.
  • All images must be CMYK or Grayscale - No RGB. Images must have an effective resolution of at least 300dpi.
  • All colours used should be in CMYK or Grayscale only - No RGB or Spot colours. Delete all unused colours from document.
  • Files must be supplied at actual (100%) size, in EPS format only.

3. Photoshop Files

  • Files must be supplied as flattened TIFFs or EPS, in CMYK format only. Please do not save files as JPEG or GIFs, nor should you convert to RGB.
  • When saving as a TIFF - do not save with LZW compression.
  • When saving as an EPS - do not include Transfer Function or Halftone Screen.
  • Files must be supplied at actual (100%) size, with a resolution of 300dpi.
  • Photoshop-created ads which have text set at less than 11 point may be rejected.

4. InDesign Files (Mac only)

  • Supply a collected InDesign file, with all images and fonts.
  • All images must be CMYK or Grayscale - No RGB. Images must have an effective resolution of at least 300dpi.
  • All colours used should be in CMYK or Grayscale only - No RGB or Spot colours. Delete all unused colours from document.
  • All images scaled below 80% or above 120% of the final print size, will have to be resized.

NOTE: Quark XPress Files

  • We no longer support Quark documents. Collected Quark files (Mac) can however be converted to PDFs if required (additional charges may apply).


For more information, please call 905.602.7486.


"Man is never alone. Acknowledged or unacknowledged, that which dreams through him is always there to support him from within." - Laurence van der Post


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